Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I am writing this blog to share with you, everything I have learned over the past 50 years about decorating your home, equipping your kitchen, gardening, cooking, and baking!

I have so many interests and such a wealth of information at my fingertips; that several people have urged me to share it publicly. 

First some background information about me.  I grew up on a tiny farm in Kansas.  Our 14 acres were planted as an orchard, so we have all of the apples, peaches, apricots, grapes, walnuts, stawberries, blackberries, etc. that you can imagine.  My mother was one of 14 kids and grew up during the depression, so none of the food we grew in the acre vegetable garden or the fruits and nuts was wasted.  I learned at mom's knee how to cook, bake, preserve, garden, and etc.

I have a Bachelor of Science dergee in Home Economics/Interior design from Kansas State University.  And my mother taught me to love and appreciate antiques.  I have collected antiques myself and have inherited many lovely pieces.  For a short period I made an excellent living as an antiques "picker" for an antique shop in Kansas City.

While at school, I worked in restaurants as a cook and became interested in cookware and equipment. 

So to get the ball rolling here, I will publish articles on various subjects of interest and take comments and questions.  Welcome to MY World!


  1. Good luck with your new blog.
    It's about dang time! LOL
    Much love to you.

  2. Thanks soooooooo much! Come again often and post!

  3. As a personal friend, I can vouch for her good taste and vast knowledge. Be sure to visit often as this will prove to be an interesting and useful blog!